New vault proposal

This vault i have not seen it anywhere so I don’t know what are the consequences.
Creating from eos/seos (seos-example) But all 3 commissions transferred to eos and we can harvest them like we harvest dop now. eos harvesting is depending on how much eos we lock, so as much as we lock more income.3 commissions are - 1.creating seos 2. vault is locking all eos/seos in dolphin (0.03%)
and 3. dop reward from LP. So what will be goal for everyone to lock more eos.
Example-I start with 100 eos create 100seos convert 100seos to eos after commissions I have 99.5 eos wihich i can lock again and agai and again…after 50 time I have 0 eos left but I have 5000eos lock. Lets say this vault make 10% apy per year (with 3 commissions) So I have 10% on 5000 eos which is 500eos after 1 year but i have done this with my 100 eos which means 500% apy. It is good if we have anther use cases for seos like liquidity pools with dop reward seos/dop seos/hub seos/dmd

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Also part of the locked eos 10-80% (probably depend on the amount locked) can be used for eos governance,staking,REX and bring more income to the vault.

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I think it is very nice

I am new to this and just learning. I don’t see a vault for EOS, just for DOP. Where is the one for EOS?

How do you do these trades to get to 500 from 100, that is not making sense to me. If you lock it after trading once isn’t it then locked? How can you trade it again if it is locked?

This DOP app is very cool. I think it will really take off. It’s easy to use and for people like me who are new to this it makes a lot more sense than those complicated defi exchanges.

I have a few other questions if there is someone that can answer. There seem to be several types of liquidity listed…what do each of them mean? Thanks for helping out a newbie to anyone who can answer!


So the EOS vault is under a tab in the dolphin swap app on the upper right hand corner that says vault AFTER you click on the tab and it opens. Or similarly you can go to the DMD Vault app located at url Diamond miner: First Yield Farm on EOS .
Now I think what your referring to where you end up going from 100 to 500 isn’t actually swapping from one to another. It’s what we call a liquidity pool where you take two different currencies and and stake them into a pool that allows other people to then trade one currency for another because each one as its own individual purpose. And what your seeing is the increase over time of letting people swap.

And nextly you can choose to lock your tokens into a liquidity pool. Locked tokens can not be swapped, however you do not have to lock all your tokens into the pool in order to earn rewards you just have to lock some and make sure they’re on the current mining or staking earnings lists.

I have no problem trying to help you out :stuck_out_tongue: but how old are you Jamie?