hETH -pool + vault proposal

1.pool proposal
Create 2 new LP in dolphin swop hETH/eos and hETH/pETH
with 3 tokens rewords dop, hub and pToken ( Pnetwork is rewording curv and others so talk to them)
In binace smart chains this kind of pools are very popular ETH/BETH- AETH/BETH etc…

2.Vault proposal - All benefits in pool + Staked ETH in hub (50-80%) put them to work
Send that ETH on proven company’s will give some example I use- in BSC -pancake swop ETH/BETH put liquidity and deposit it it in autofarm ( yield optimizer ) apy is 50-90% , sushi swop at the moment aETH/ETH apy is 32%, curve have few options ankreth/steth/eth apy is 15-40% etc…Can be used one or multiple place