About the About Proposals (提案相关) category

提案论坛阶段流程, 凡是不依照命名格式和发布规范的提案,将被论坛管理员认为是不合格提案,而不予置顶讨论。










如果提案人认为自己的提案已经完整,也可以跳过讨论阶段,直接在“提案(Proposals)” 板块发布提案。




【提案编号】格式为 DIP#1 (具体数字请根据当时顺序填写)





During the process of the proposal forum stage, any proposal that does not follow the naming and releasing format will be considered by the forum administrator as an unqualified proposal and will not be pinned.

1. Discussion stage

If the proposer wants to solicit opinions on the content of the proposal, please publish a proposal discussion post in the discussion hall first. How to name it:

[Proposal discussion] + discussion topic + [discussion stage]

In the discussion stage, please choose from the following options according to the discussion progress:

Opinion solicitation (solicit community opinions and it also means pre-publication.)

End discussion (solicitation of opinions has ended and formal proposal design will start)

Cancel discussion (the proposer abandons the proposal design)

2. Proposal stage

The proposal can enter the formal proposal stage after full discussion. Proposers should set the status to [Discussion Ended] in General Chat and publish a formal proposal in the “Proposals” section of the forum. The formal announcement and support solicitation stage will be followed by voting.

If the proposer thinks his proposal is complete, he can also skip the discussion stage and directly publish the proposal in the “Proposals” section.

Once the proposal is published in the “Proposals” section and enters the support solicitation stage, it is not allowed to modify the major message of the proposal, but the wording and typos can be corrected without changing the content of the proposal.

Please follow the following rules when naming proposals:

[Proposal number] + [Proposal name] + [Proposal stage]

The format of [Proposal number] is DIP#1 (please fill in the specific numbers according to the current order)

The proposal stage can be selected from the following options:

  1. Support solicitation

  2. Solicitation ended

  3. Passed

  4. Failed

The name of the proposal should be as concise as possible. It is suggested to refer to what problem to solve, what model to design and what product to develop.